Being a Nautolan born on Glee Anselm is some of the only information known about his childhood. Often grinning and changing the subject whenever asked about his early years; Artax prefers his background being shrouded in mystery.

                It is unknown when he was admitted into the Jedi Academy but he quickly proved his abilities and gained the rank of Jedi Knight. He focused most of his time split between studying the ways of the Force and mastering lightsaber combat. Recognizing from early on that the Force was guiding him to be a Knight Errant and that he would come into contact with blaster fire, DJem So was the first lightsaber form he mastered. Ataru being the second form he came to perfect, it was often noted that his fighting style was often described as simply a flash and blur of bright green light as his saber simply eviscerated his enemies. Unbeknownst to anyone, even his beloved Padawan Ruby, he crafted a second lightsaber with a built-to-duel curved hilt and a crystal that created a purple bladed saber. In secret, he has been training diligently to master the way of Vaapad. This saber and combat form has only been used in the most dire of situations and when he was certain there would be no remaining witnesses. The Dark Side beckons him but he has yet to weaken and answer its call.

When he was sent to the 802 in place of his master, he met Ruby. He knew from the first glance that their meeting was the will of the Force and he pondered heavily on this. His meditation illuminated two very clear facts: Ruby was attuned to the Force, with proper training she would come to be a powerful warrior; and that his destiny was intertwined with hers’. After a few encounters and shared confrontations on the battlefield, he sensed that he was falling in love with her. He contacted the Jedi Council to admit his possible indiscretion and was granted special privileges once being honored with the rank of Jedi Master. He would be allowed to accept Ruby as his Padawan and let the Force guide their feelings for each other even if it led to irregular exceptions of the Jedi code.

He spends most of his time as part of the 802 trying to corral the clones and his Padawan into some semblance of martial professionalism. Afterall, he was sent here as a master of arms and combat for a reason.